What's the difference between a CPA, Enrolled Agent and Tax Attorney for Tax Relief?

When consulting with a tax relief company, you should know the difference between a CPA, enrolled agent, and tax attorney. Platinum Tax Defenders employs all three positions to assist clients with tax relief issues. If you don’t pay back taxes to the IRS, you will face tax debt, including interest and penalties. Working with a tax resolution firm can help you lessen or abolish your tax debts. Read on for the benefits of working with a tax relief professional. In this article, we will also explain the differences between a CPA, enrolled agent, and tax attorney.

What does a CPA do?

A certified public account (CPA) is a trusted financial adviser. To become a CPA, individuals must pass a rigorous CPA exam, meet work experience requirements, and take continuing education courses. CPAs maintain the utmost level of knowledge and ethics when operating in financial positions. CPAs can act as:

  • Auditors
  • Business advisers
  • Decision makers
  • Tax relief consultants
  • Accounting consultants
  • Plus, other services to assist individuals and businesses with tax issues

What is the difference between a tax resolution firm and a CPA?

At Platinum Tax Defenders, we employ CPAs at our tax resolution firm. Depending on your tax relief case, we can determine whether you need to work with a CPA or tax attorney. A CPA is a professional accountant who can assist taxpayers and businesses by preparing and maintaining tax and financial records. A CPA can help you with the below:

  • Preparing and submitting tax returns
  • Filing tax return amendments
  • Making sure you’re compliant with current tax codes
  • Filing past due tax returns

Also, CPAs can provide counsel during audits and tax hearings or trials. CPAs can also help you come up with a strategy to assist in personal and professional finance matters.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

A CPA can take and pass an extensive test to become an Enrolled Agent. The CPA must have worked for the IRS for five years with experience in IRS tax codes and regulations. Platinum Tax Defenders’ Enrolled Agents specialize in assisting clients with more complex and in-depth tax relief issues. Similar to a CPA, an enrolled agent can represent a client during an audit. Also, Enrolled Agents are trained to assist clients with filing required IRS forms during tax return preparation.

What does a tax attorney do?

Platinum Tax Defenders works with both tax attorneys and x-IRS tax attorneys. The benefit of working with an x-IRS tax attorney is that they know the ins and outs of the IRS. A tax attorney has been admitted to the state bar and knows details about current IRS tax codes.  A tax attorney specializes in providing clients with advice on legal tax matters, such as tax debt resolution. Also, a tax attorney can assist clients with:

  • Trusts
  • Estate planning
  • Tax disputes with the IRS
  • Business tax issues

Tax attorneys are an excellent resource for clients seeking tax relief. Platinum Tax Defenders tax attorneys are trained to be confident and active negotiators on their client’s behalf. A tax attorney will negotiate with the IRS, so you don’t have to. Also, tax attorneys are skilled in using the court system to resolve tax debt.

Benefits of working with a tax attorney for tax relief cases

A tax attorney is trained to understand every detail of your tax case. By analyzing your situation, a tax attorney will build an argument to support your claim against the IRS. Taxpayers who work with tax attorneys on tax resolution cases have more favorable outcomes when dealing with the IRS. Also, the IRS is known to act more quickly when dealing with a tax attorney on a tax resolution case. What does this mean? Your chances of getting out of debt quicker are likely when working with a tax attorney.

Differences between tax attorneys and CPAs

Tax attorneys do not receive training in accounting. For that reason, tax attorneys will typically not offer to prepare or amend your tax return. Also, tax attorneys will not provide you with tips on how to find credits, exemptions, and deductions when filing taxes. However, when you come to Platinum Tax Defenders, we can help you with all aspects of taxes. Do you need help filing your next tax return? Our CPAs can help you prepare your taxes. Do you owe the IRS more than $10,000 in back taxes? Our tax attorneys can advise you on how to become tax debt-free.

When do I hire a tax attorney?

By calling Platinum Tax Defenders, we can advise on whether you should speak with a CPA or tax attorney. However, you may choose to hire a tax attorney to represent you if you’re facing situations such as:

  • A new business owner who needs legal counsel on how to structure taxes
  • You’re involved in international business deals and need help with contracts
  • The IRS is coming for you, and you’re facing criminal charges
  • You’re planning to sue the IRS

A tax attorney can also not be forced to testify against you in court.

How do I know if I should work with a CPA or tax attorney?

Taxpayers can get help from tax attorneys or CPAs. Platinum Tax Defenders employs both, and both are trained and experienced in helping individuals and businesses with tax resolution.

Wondering if you should work with a CPA or tax attorney? Call Platinum Tax Defenders today

If you have questions about taxes or facing tax debt, call Platinum Tax Defenders today. We can determine whether you should work with a CPA, enrolled agent, or tax attorney. Our experienced team has been serving clients across the country since 2011. We can help you with tax resolution by negotiating with the IRS. If you need to make changes to previous tax returns, we can help you with that too. Our tax relief specialists understand the complicated tax code, especially when your tax refund is at risk. If you’re worried the IRS may seize your tax refund, call Platinum Tax Defenders for a free consultation today.

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