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Platinum Tax Defenders partners with national board-certified tax attorneys who can help find a resolution for any tax-related issue. The IRS can be one of the most intimidating government organizations with which to deal. Working with an X-IRS tax attorney will make the process more comfortable, and help you get the tax relief you need.


A tax attorney can represent you when dealing with IRS agents and State Revenue Officers. When it comes time to negotiate a tax resolution plan, tax attorneys will speak directly with the IRS. 

The tax attorneys we work with at Platinum Tax Defenders have the power to:

      Provide accurate guidance on tax issues

      Assist you with filing applications for tax relief

      Help you in getting property liens and bank levies released

      Stop the IRS from garnishing your wages

      Work with the IRS directly to come up with tax payment plans that work best for you

      File a request for innocent spouse relief

      Handle delinquent tax settlements such as offer in compromises and penalty abatements

      Enter into a reasonable payment plan on your behalf

An experienced tax attorney who specializes in providing tax relief to individuals and businesses can resolve state and federal tax problems.


Tax laws are complex, and the IRS can be intimidating. Resolving tax issues by yourself will often not lead to the desired outcome for which you hope. Ironing out tax issues takes a level of skill and knowledge that you, as an ordinary taxpayer, do not have. Hiring a tax resolution company with access to top tier tax attorneys helps guarantee you the best tax relief outcome.

Platinum Tax Defenders provides the best legal representation, so you don’t have to go to battle with the IRS. Our team of experts, including tax attorneys who previously worked for the IRS, will help you resolve your tax debt.

Some of the many benefits that tax attorneys can bring to your tax resolution case include:

  • Tax code knowledge:

    The IRS tax code spans more than 1,000 pages. Our tax attorneys at Platinum Tax Defenders are intimately experienced in the current tax code so you don’t have to be.

  • Protection from the IRS:

    Many IRS agents are very professional and helpful when dealing with taxpayers on the phone. They won’t lie or threaten. But not all of them are like that. You don’t want to come into contact with an agent who might try to abuse their power by intimidating you. When you have a tax attorney representing you, he or she will protect you from having such an experience.

  • Filing Your Tax Returns:

    The tax attorneys at Platinum Tax Defenders can help you file any tax returns you need to submit. If you need to amend an already submitted tax return, we can help with that too. Our tax attorneys can also help you with filing late tax returns from the current year. We can also help you in filing a tax return extension if needed.

  • Negotiator:

    We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: Communicating with the IRS by mail or phone can be intimidating and frustrating. The IRS agent might ask you questions, and you won’t know the answers. Don’t risk accidentally saying something incorrect or getting yourself into deeper tax trouble. You can have one of our tax attorneys handle communicating with the IRS for you. One of our tax attorneys can speak on your behalf and answer calls, letters, and any other communication for you. We also work with x-IRS tax attorneys who are intimately familiar with the inner workings of the IRS. Our tax attorneys can help you negotiate a payment plan that suits you.

  • Money And Asset Protection

    A tax attorney will also know what to do to protect your income and assets from being seized by the IRS. The IRS can legally put a lien on your property or garnish your wages if you don’t pay your debt. By hiring a tax attorney, he or she can help protect your finances by:

    • Negotiating an installment agreement with the IRS
    • Filing for an offer in compromise to settle your debt
    • Arrange a payment plan that works best for you

You might be in a situation where the IRS is already garnishing your wages. In that case, a tax attorney can put the above methods in place to release those already placed liens.

Don’t face your tax resolution battle on your own. Taxpayers are allowed to represent themselves before the IRS. However, many taxpayers looking for tax relief will find it intimidating to deal directly with the IRS. For that reason, seeking out the help of an experienced tax attorney is beneficial.

There are many benefits to hiring a tax relief company to help you reach a tax resolution agreement with the IRS. The legal representation you get when working with a tax relief company is one of the many benefits. Nothing compares to the peace of mind of knowing you’re not taking any unnecessary risks with your wellbeing or financial freedom.

Would you defend yourself against the government in a court of law? If you care about your freedom, you wouldn’t. Can you protect yourself against the IRS? You can, but it isn’t in your best interest to do so. The legal representatives at Platinum Tax Defenders are ready and able to help you with your tax debt problems.


It can be more costly not to seek professional tax help than to hire a professional tax resolution firm. Why? Because the IRS wants you to pay your debt as soon as possible. However, working with a tax relief professional, and skilled IRS negotiator, can save you tons of money in tax debt.

If you’re seeking tax relief, you need the specialized knowledge and expertise that only a professional like Platinum Tax Defenders has. Our tax attorneys will ensure you are provided with all of your available options to reconcile your tax problems.


In most cases, hiring a tax resolution services firm will result in more affordable IRS payment plans. Hiring a tax resolution firm can also help you get lesser tax penalties than you could achieve on your own. Tax attorneys can also determine if you qualify for an offer in compromise from the government. An offer in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles a taxpayer’s tax debt for much less. There are requirements to qualify for an OIC, and also specifications to apply for an OIC. A tax attorney, specifically an x-IRS tax attorney, can be beneficial in determining if you qualify for an OIC.

Unfortunately, the IRS does not exist to provide taxpayers with unbiased advice. They also do not contact you with the intent to help you with your tax debt issues. Their job is to make sure you pay your taxes. Moreover, if their internal computer system says you owe them money, that is what they’ll expect. A professional tax resolution firm can enlist an experienced x-IRS tax attorney to assist you in resolving your tax debt problems.


An IRS agent or Revenue Officer will often respond more professionally and timely when working with a tax attorney. If IRS agents can get away with convincing an innocent taxpayer to believe their interpretation of the law, they likely will. A tax attorney will ensure the IRS is playing by the rules and treating your case fairly and ethically. IRS agents are more cautious about asking inappropriate questions or wasting time with unnecessary paperwork if they’re speaking to a tax attorney.

Many IRS agents – the good ones – actually prefer working with a tax attorney. They prefer working with an attorney because they don’t have to spend their time explaining Tax Law 101 with them. What’s more, working with an x-IRS tax attorney to handle your dealings with the IRS will ensure a quick and efficient process. The process will be faster because the IRS knows they’re dealing with someone who knows their business.


If you are under investigation for tax fraud or tax evasion, you should call a tax attorney as soon as possible. A tax attorney is the only professional who can represent you in a court of law. A tax attorney is also the only one who can provide you with proper legal advice to get through a criminal investigation. Hopefully, you never find yourself in the middle of a criminal investigation. However, if you do, this rule proves the clout tax attorneys have when dealing with the IRS.


Working with a tax attorney isn’t necessary for every call and letter you get from the IRS. Platinum Tax Defenders offers a variety of tax resolution services. These serves can be handled by dealing directly with our team of CPAs and enrolled agents. However, if you think your tax problem is severe enough to warrant a tax attorney, it just might be. A quick consultation with a tax attorney can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. When you’re being represented by a tax attorney, it also lets the IRS know you’re taking your case very seriously.

The tax attorneys at Platinum Tax Defenders know how the IRS works. We work with x-IRS attorneys who know how to negotiate your case to get you the best tax resolution plan.

Platinum Tax Defenders


Platinum Tax Defenders is a full-service tax resolution firm in Los Angeles that has been helping taxpayers resolve their IRS and State tax issues since 2011. Our team of tax attorneys, accountants, and enrolled agents have a combined more than 90 years of experience in the financial services industry. Our team is ready to provide tax relief services to clients facing wage garnishments, bank levies, liens, and other challenges.


Platinum Tax Defenders is a full-service tax resolution firm that includes a tax attorney, IRS enrolled agents, and certified public accountants specializing in providing tax relief services for taxpayers facing IRS or State tax debt. We work with the IRS on your behalf to come up with reasonable payment options and settlements. Our tax professionals are knowledgeable and experts in tax negotiations. The consequences for unpaid taxes vary by each individual taxpayer’s situation. But unpaid tax debt can lead to wage garnishment, property liens, and bank account levies.

Platinum Tax Defenders will help you reach a tax resolution plan before it’s too late. We offer fast response protection to our clients and a commitment to gaining major tax reductions. Whether this is your first time facing a tax problem, or you have previously hired a tax relief firm in Los Angeles to resolve your tax debt, we have a track record of consistently garnering IRS settlements for our clients.


At Platinum Tax Defenders, we’ve developed an impeccable reputation for doing what’s best for our clients, 100 percent of the time. We are honest and upfront with you about your tax debt situation, and the type of tax resolution services we can provide. Each individual tax situation is different, and we’ll do whatever we can to negotiate with the IRS to help you reach a tax relief plan that works for you. We are experts in our field and work diligently to resolve the specific tax issues that each of our clients face. Platinum Tax Defenders offers fair and honest tax resolution services, and you can count on us to operate professionally and legally.

Many tax relief services in Los Angeles tend to make promises that are unrealistic. You can count on us to always be honest and upfront about your financial situation, and what type of tax resolution results you should expect.

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