Tax Attorney: Your Partner to Tax-Related Issues

Perhaps, the most challenging time of the year for individuals and businesses is the tax season. It becomes more stressful when dealing with issues of tax debts with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Good thing, help is always available in these kinds of situations.  Of all the professionals who you can turn to for help, a tax attorney is best to handle your legal and IRS issues. While you can try to represent yourself in front of IRS agents, tax law makes it daunting for you even to dare. It is still with a tax attorney’s expertise and competence, which can save you from further problems. Our team of legal experts is always free to consult in getting the tax relief that you deserve. 

Head over to understand more what tax attorneys do, their edge among accountants, and few great tips for finding the best of the best. 

So, what does a tax lawyer do?

A tax attorney can help you beyond ways you could ever imagine. More than just a typical lawyer, he/she undergone specialized training and education to assist in financial and tax matters. These professionals have gained years of experience in dealing with complex IRS problems. Thus, you can assure that they already know which path to take and avoid. 

Furthermore, you can ask tax attorneys for advice on feasible ways to remove tax lien in your assets. With their skills, you may prevent your bank accounts from getting frozen or levied. For employees, attorneys can take away your worries about having garnished wages. They usually craft tax settlement negotiations in this matter. 

During and after an audit, legal representation could very well determine your IRS status. And this is another aspect where tax attorneys are highly capable of. Especially if they are efficient, they can work on your behalf to ensure you’d settle your debts. At times of criminal investigation, they are also the ones qualified to represent you in the court of laws. 

Moreover, it is essential to know that most IRS agents or Revenue Officers would prefer working with tax attorneys. It makes the process faster and more efficient as these agents know they’re talking with people on the same page. It is only these tax attorneys who can draft letters most directly and comprehensively that get the IRS’s attention. 

Can a tax attorney help with back taxes and tax relief?

Back taxes are unsettled taxes, which reached its due to the IRS. If you’re a taxpayer, you wouldn’t want to keep withholding the payment for your back taxes. The IRS can place a garnishment or levy on your properties to procure the payment of your debt involving back taxes. Thus, bear in mind that it only takes one missed tax payment before these taxes can accumulate, and everything goes downward. 

In some cases, you can file your owed back taxes and pay them to get out of tax trouble. However, it is always a smart decision to consult a tax professional to make sure you’re in control of the situation. One small error can cost you so much. And so obtaining legal help with back taxes can save you much time and of course money. 

Is a CPA a tax attorney?           

In preparing returns, some would prefer seeking the help of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). But, in matters of legal issues requiring Tax Court resolutions, a tax attorney is in position to provide legal advice and stand for clients during litigation. While both of them can assist you with your tax needs, they work on distinct specializations and under certain limitations.

CPAs, who passed an intensive CPA exam, are more knowledgeable when it comes to tax preparation. They are skilled to craft a long-term tax plan and with ways on how you can stick to it. CPAs can be of best aid in strengthening the legal case through an in-depth audit and report of tax returns. They might be well-versed with federal tax laws, but they are still different from tax attorneys who practice such. 

For someone who knows the internal and external aspects of the IRS code, complex legal issues require no sweat. These tax attorneys do not pass the bar exam and specialized tax preparation for nothing. If you’re a taxpayer facing complicated tax issues, it is best to hire a tax attorney for assistance rather than a mere tax preparer. The attorney-client privilege, the legal counsel, and IRS contacts are considerable proofs of an extensive service that tax attorneys can offer. 

How do I choose a tax attorney?

While the law allows you to represent yourself in front of the IRS, a risky path awaits you considering you have no legal experience. Tax debts isn’t a small matter and so as dealing with the IRS. Therefore, a tax resolution specialist or a licensed tax attorney is your best option. When looking for tax relief, make sure to eye for the right professional for you. 

Here are some solid steps to consider in finding the best tax attorney for your tax needs: 

Look into his/her credentials. 

  • The first step to choosing a tax expert is to look through the professional and educational background. You can visit a local bar association or the attorney’s state to evaluate most of the lawyer’s profiles. It is the right choice if the attorney you’ll be picking gained additional training to state and federal tax laws.

Consider the experience as an asset. 

  • One of the most important factors to study with attorney’s profiles is the experience. It is necessary to pay attention to their knowledge and experience in handling situations like yours. To spare yourself from financial difficulties, think ahead if the tax attorney is capable of winning your case. 

Check for involvements on professional organizations

  • The National Association of Tax Professionals or the Tax Law Association provides a public list of attorneys who are members of their organizations. It is through this way that you can know if the attorney has a license to handle your case. 

Do your background research. 

  • In hiring lawyers, recommendations are a big help. A significant number of success in litigation cases is evidence of trustworthiness. Before deciding, make use of the internet to search for client reviews and ratings. In this way, you can dive deep into their background to see if they are lauded or reprimanded with their works. 

Put in mind that turning to wrong experts can make your tax situation worse. Thus, working with the best and the most credible tax attorney is the only answer you’ll need. At situations like these, your financial future is at stake. But, worry no more! A team of tax professionals is here to save you. With their tax resolution services, Platinum Tax Defenders can help you resolve your IRS and State tax issues. Visit or call us at 1-800-385-6840 for a free consultation today!  

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