Top Reasons To Work With A Tax Resolution Firm

Each year, millions of Americans will struggle to pay back their taxes. Penalties and interest will continue to add up, and before they know it, their tax debt is worse. If you’re facing tax debt head-on, and you don’t know where to turn, consider hiring a tax resolution firm. Tax resolution professionals can provide you with options when you feel like there are none. At Platinum Tax Defenders, we’ve been providing tax resolution services to clients nationwide since 2011. We’ve effectively saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax debt.

If you’re struggling to pay back your tax debt, hiring a tax resolution firm can help. Below are the top reasons why working with a tax relief expert will benefit you.

They Can Deal With The IRS

One of the advantages of hiring a tax relief firm is that you don’t have to talk to the IRS. As soon as you start working with your tax resolution pro, they’ll handle all communication. You can say goodbye to those harassing letters and phone calls from the IRS. Here are some of the many things your tax resolution expert will do:

  • Call the IRS and answer messages from them
  • Collect any paperwork you need to submit for tax relief program applications
  • Help you file back taxes
  • Protect your rights as a taxpayer
  • Represent you during hearings and audits

Representing yourself against the IRS during an audit can be terrifying for most taxpayers. With the help of a tax resolution expert, you won’t have to. Instead, you’ll receive confident and experienced representation by hiring a tax relief expert.

Prevent, And Avoid, Wage Garnishments And Bank Levies

The IRS has very invasive ways of claiming your money and assets. Legally, the IRS can garnish your income wages and seize your assets. Working with a tax resolution professional can help you avoid your income and assets from being taken from you. A tax resolution professional will also help you settle your tax debts to prevent any future collection actions. Tax relief experts can help you with the following:

  • Negotiating a payment plan that’s comfortable for you
  • Prove to the IRS that paying your taxes will cause you financial hardship
  • Suggest other ways to settle your tax debt

Remove Penalties from Your Tax Debt

When you owe tax debt, the IRS is charging interest and penalties daily. A tax resolution expert can negotiate a deal with the IRS to get penalties taken off your total debt amount. It takes in-depth knowledge of the current tax code to be able to negotiate deals with the IRS. The experts at Platinum Tax Defenders are consistently up to date on the latest tax code. After your tax relief expert finishes, you may end up owing only the principal amount.

Decrease Your Total Debt Owed

Tax relief experts are trained to understand the current year’s tax code. A competent tax relief professional will also know what loopholes exist to minimize a taxpayer’s IRS debt. If you owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax debt, you’ll want to reduce it as much as possible. Platinum Tax Defenders knows what to do to reduce your tax debt and save you tons of money. Our team of experts can tell you which tax resolution program might be best-suited for you. We’ll negotiate on your behalf to settle your debt for much less than you owe.

Financial Freedom

When you’re deep in tax debt, every day is full of worry. You might be worried about the penalties and interest that are adding up. Alternatively, the letters and phone calls from the IRS might be stressing you out. Instead of spending your days stressed all the time, reclaim your freedom by leaving the work to a tax relief expert. Your tax resolution professional will take over IRS matters so you can get your life back. Our Platinum Tax Defenders team is trained and ready to assist you with your IRS debt. We offer many benefits to individuals who can’t pay off what they owe. Our team is here to help you escape your tax debt once and for all. Our goal is to help you before the IRS gets to you. Working with Platinum Tax Defenders, you’ll have peace of mind that we’re expertly handling your IRS tax debt.

Helping You Stay Out Of Tax Trouble

A tax resolution firm’s primary goal is going to be to get you out of the trouble in which you’ve already found yourself. However, a tax relief expert can also give you the knowledge of how to keep the IRS at bay going forward. Platinum Tax Defenders ensures that our clients are always aware of why they got into tax trouble in the first place. We can all agree that not having to deal with the IRS in the first place is better. Our team will ensure you are fully prepared and know what to do for future tax seasons.

Hire A Tax Resolution Firm Today

After reading the above, did we convince you of the benefits of working with tax resolution experts? If so, call Platinum Tax Defenders today for a free consultation. Our tax resolution experts have years of experience getting clients out of debt. We provide a variety of tax resolution services to meet the various needs of our client. When we start working with you, we’ll make sure we know every detail of your case. That way, we’ll be able to determine the right tax resolution plan for you. Our team of CPAs, tax attorneys, x-IRS tax attorneys, and enrolled agents are here to help. We know the IRS better than anyone, and we’ll negotiate your case to the best of our ability. It’s never an easy fight to go up against the IRS alone. You don’t have to do it alone. Platinum Tax Defenders is here to help. Call us today.

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