Platinum Tax Defenders Explains How To Deal With Wage Garnishment

The experts at Platinum Tax Defenders have been helping taxpayers with wage garnishment release for years. If the IRS is beginning to garnish your wages, contact the experts at Platinum Tax Defenders. Wage garnishment is just one of the IRS’ actions to recoup back taxes. With a wage garnishment, the IRS takes some of your income from your employer before it reaches you. Wage garnishment can be an extremely stressful experience for a taxpayer. Not only does wage garnishment present a financial burden, but it can also be embarrassing for you as an employee. What do you do if you’re experiencing wage garnishment? How can you stop wage garnishment? In this blog, Platinum Tax Defenders covers how you can get a wage garnishment release from the IRS.

How Does Wage Garnishment Happen?

Before we discuss wage garnishment release, let’s talk about why it happens. Wage garnishment is a type of tax levy the IRS imposes. The IRS can seize your assets, or your income, to recoup the money you owe in taxes. Wage garnishment is one of the most common types of levies the IRS uses. The IRS will usually begin wage garnishment after you ignore many notices about your tax debt. After numerous warnings about late taxes, you may receive a Final Notice of Intent to Levy. If you ignore that notice, the IRS can proceed with the levy, such as wage garnishment, after 30 days. During those 30 days, you can take action to avoid wage garnishment before it begins. Contact Platinum Tax Defenders immediately for a free consultation if you received a final notice. For those already experiencing wage garnishment, we’ll discuss how to get a wage garnishment release.

How Do I Get A Wage Garnishment Released?

The easiest way to end wage garnishment is to pay back your taxes in full immediately. However, most people dealing with wage garnishment cannot afford to pay back their entire tax debt amount. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to get a wage garnishment release. Whenever you’re attempting to make a deal with the IRS, it’s always a smart move to consult a tax relief professional. The experts at Platinum Tax Defenders can help you with your wage garnishment release. Read on for ways that you can get a wage garnishment release from the IRS.

Negotiate an Offer in Compromise for a Wage Garnishment Release

If you can’t pay your full tax debt, you can sometimes qualify for an Offer in Compromise. An Offer in Compromise allows you to pay less than your total tax debt amount. However, it can be challenging negotiating an Offer in Compromise with the IRS on your own. You can increase your chances of reaching a favorable outcome by working with a tax professional. Platinum Tax Defenders can help you determine if you qualify for an Offer in Compromise.

Additionally, the team at Platinum knows what the IRS is looking for when accepting Offer in Compromise deals. If you qualify, an Offer in Compromise can be hugely beneficial. Applying for an Offer in Compromise can end your wage garnishment while the IRS is reviewing the application. Additionally, acceptance into an Offer in Compromise will result in a wage garnishment release.

Request Currently not Collectible Status from the IRS

If you are unable to pay any of your tax debt, the IRS may declare you as Currently not Collectible. When you’re under Currently not Collectible status, it puts a temporary hold on your debt. To qualify for Currently Not Collectible, you must prove your financial situation won’t allow you to pay the tax debt. However, Currently not Collectible status will not eliminate your tax debt. Alternatively, Currently not Collectible status can give you temporary relief from IRS collection actions such as wage garnishment. 

File an Appeal with the IRS

You can file an appeal for any levy the IRS places against you, including wage garnishment. If you disagree with the levy, you can appeal at any time. Sometimes, an appeal can result in a wage garnishment release. Before you decide to appeal any IRS collections action, consult a tax attorney. The professionals at Platinum Tax Defenders can help you file your appeal to achieve the best outcome. It’s a known fact that the IRS will often respond quicker to taxpayers when they’re speaking directly to a tax professional. 

File for Bankruptcy

As a last resort, you can file for bankruptcy to get your wage garnishment released. Bankruptcy can sometimes eliminate all or part of your tax debt, while other times it can’t. When you’re in the middle of a bankruptcy proceeding, it will stop a wage garnishment. The IRS can still take collection action against you after a bankruptcy proceeding is complete. However, the bankruptcy process places a temporary hold on debt collections. You should note that bankruptcy is not an ideal solution for everyone. Consult a tax attorney at Platinum Tax Defenders before you attempt to file for bankruptcy.

Platinum Tax Defenders Can Help With Wage Garnishment Release

There are several ways Platinum Tax Defenders can help you with wage garnishment release. However, every taxpayer’s financial situation is unique. For that reason, it can be hard to determine which tax relief strategy will work best for you. If you’re dealing with a wage garnishment, contact Platinum Tax Defenders for a free consultation today. Our dedicated team of tax attorneys and licensed CPAs can help you make a plan to end wage garnishment.

Additionally, we can help you pay the IRS the lowest possible amount allowed by law to satisfy your tax debt. If you can’t afford to pay for tax relief services, Platinum Tax Defenders has a solution for that too. We’ve partnered with Lending USA to offer special financing offers for our clients. Taxpayers can now enjoy financing of up to 60 months, more than any other tax relief firm. Call today for a free consultation.

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