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Negotiating with the IRS can be an overwhelming task, but there’s help with Platinum Tax Defenders. Most taxpayers don’t know about current tax laws, which can make speaking with the IRS even harder. Some taxpayers may also worry that the IRS has an unfair advantage over them as a private taxpayer. Instead of taking on the IRS alone, it may be in your best interest to hire a tax resolution specialist. Set yourself up for a better financial future by calling Platinum Tax Defenders today.


What Does Platinum Tax Defenders Do?

The team at Platinum Tax Defenders understands that most taxpayers don’t have the necessary experience to deal with the IRS. When you hire Platinum Tax Defenders, you no longer have to face the IRS alone. You will get a full staff of tax resolution specialists who are available to help with your tax situations immediately. Platinum Tax Defenders offers new clients with a free initial consultation. Their tax resolution specialists have experience in a variety of tax issues such as:

  • Filing back taxes
  • Settling back taxes
  • Ending wage garnishments
  • Removing tax liens
  • Stopping tax levies
  • Preventing asset seizures
  • Representing you during an audit
  • Assistance with IRS Revenue Officers


Tax Resolution Services Offered By Platinum Tax Defenders

Platinum Tax Defenders also offers a variety of tax resolution services. If you owe the IRS more than you can afford, there are tax resolution services for you. Below is a list of some of the tax resolution services that Platinum Tax Defenders offer.


  • Offer in Compromise: help to settle back taxes for less
  • Installment Agreement: assistance with negotiating an affordable payment plan
  •  Innocent Spouse Relief: help with tax relief when the tax debt falls on a spouse or an ex-spouse

Platinum Tax Defenders also helps with the following:

  • Tax preparation
  • Customized tax planning
  • Criminal tax defense
  • Payroll taxes
  • Tax evasion representation
  • IRS tax attorney representation

The Benefits of Working with Platinum Tax Defenders

Platinum Tax Defenders is a top-rated tax resolution firm because of the help they provide their clients. The team at Platinum continues to get favorable reviews from customers because they act on their promises. Platinum Tax Defenders specializes in helping those who have been in trouble with the IRS for a year. The Platinum team can take your complicated tax matters and resolve them in a short amount of time. The tax resolution specialists and Platinum also assist those who have never before filed taxes. We can also help those who haven’t filed taxes for years. When the IRS knows you’re behind on your taxes, they will come knocking. The IRS is good at demanding taxpayers to file their returns and pay their taxes. Ignoring the IRS can put you at risk of being charged with tax evasion or fraud. You can even go to prison for ignoring the IRS.


Platinum Tax Defenders Can Help You Get Back In Financial Shape

If you have been avoiding dealing with tax for years, Platinum Tax Defenders can help. We can determine for what years you need to file back taxes and then help you get those returns submitted. When you’re in trouble with the IRS, they will attempt to get in touch with you. You may get notices in the mail, or served at your doorstep. It may sound scary to deal with the IRS, but you don’t have to do it alone. Don’t ignore attempts from the IRS to contact you. Get in touch with Platinum Tax Defenders and ask how we can assist you with your tax matters.


Avoid worrying about what will happen to you because of outstanding tax debts. At Platinum Tax Defenders, we’ll figure out the best solution for your tax situation. We can represent you before the IRS to ensure your matters get resolved quickly.

An Example Of Platinum Tax Defenders’ Work

Earlier this year, we had a client come to us with over $140,000 in tax debt. The client was utterly overwhelmed by how much they owed the IRS. Once we learned of the client’s situation, we immediately jumped into motion. Our team of tax resolution specialists determined that an Offer in Compromise was the best solution. So, we put our heads together and went to the IRS with an Offer in Compromise deal. We were successful in getting the client’s debt down from over $140,000 to just $100. Our team successfully saved the client over $130,000 in tax debt. We can do the same for you. If you owe the IRS more than you can afford, call Platinum Tax Defenders today for a free consultation.


Don’t Fight The IRS Alone

When you are dealing with a tax situation, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Going up against the IRS as a regular taxpayer with no experience can be overwhelming. Don’t spend your time researching complicated tax laws or allowing yourself to be overwhelmed during an IRS audit. Platinum Tax Defenders can provide the help you need to resolve your tax situation. Our tax resolution specialists offer a wide array of tax resolution products and services. If you are entitled to a refund from the IRS for back taxes, we can assist you. You can also avoid having to pay more than you owe and can even prevent costly penalties and fines. 


Call The Tax Resolution Experts Today

If you’re ready to get back into financial shape for good, call the experts at Platinum Tax Defenders. Our team of enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and CPAs are ready to help you. You can avoid having to pay more than you owe, and even jail time, by hiring Platinum Tax Defenders. We are currently offering free consultations for new customers. Call us today, and we can determine how we can help you with your tax resolution case.

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