Should I Hire A Tax Attorney?

Are you wondering if you need to hire a tax attorney? If you are even asking yourself the question, it may be time to consider if you need one. As far as tax relief firm goes, they typically several tax professionals, including accountants and attorneys. Both can help you with your tax needs. However, there are certain times when you’ll want to call on a tax attorney. The type of tax relief expert you’ll want to hire depends on your tax situation. A tax attorney can handle some things that accountants cannot. However, not every tax situation will need the help of an experienced Los Angeles tax attorney. In this blog, Platinum Tax Defenders breaks down what a tax attorney does, and when you need to hire one.


What Is A Tax Attorney?

A tax attorney is a lawyer who specializes in tax law. The field of tax law can be a complex and technical one. Therefore, hiring an attorney with experience in tax law is necessary when attempting to go up against the IRS. A Los Angeles tax attorney is best for handling complex, technical, and legal issues associated with your tax association. If you have a problem with the IRS, a tax attorney can step in. Additionally, consulting with a tax attorney in advance can help you avoid future problems.


When Do I Need A Tax Attorney?

There are various situations when it might be helpful to hire a tax attorney. Whenever in doubt, consult with a tax resolution services firm on how a tax attorney can help useful for you. The top tax defenders at Platinum Tax Defenders have experienced tax attorneys ready to assist you. Our tax attorneys have years of experience working directly with the IRS. If you are wondering if a Los Angeles tax attorney is necessary for your situation, call Platinum Tax Defenders today. In the meantime, keep reading for instances when it would be helpful to hire a tax attorney.


Tax Attorneys for Taxable Estates

A taxable estate means that you expect the total value of your estate to exceed $5.6 million. If you’re married, the full amount of your estate must exceed $11.2 million. This threshold increases annually, which is why hiring a tax attorney can be helpful. If your estate exceeds the allotted amount, your heirs must pay an estate tax of up to 40 percent. A Platinum Tax Defenders tax attorney can help you devise estate-planning strategies. Estate-planning strategies that work can help you stay below the exemption threshold. What this means is, hiring a tax attorney can help avoid a large portion of your estate going to taxes.


Tax Attorneys for New Businesses

If you’re starting a new business, you will want to hire a tax attorney. There are several questions you’ll want to ask when starting a new business, including:

  • What type of business entity should I set up?
  • Should I be incorporated?
  • Can I function as a sole proprietor?


There will be tax ramifications anytime you choose to start a business. The top tax defenders at Platinum Tax Defenders have years of experience representing small and large businesses. Our team of tax attorneys can help you determine the best plan of action to set up your business.


Tax Attorneys for International Business

You will want to hire a Los Angeles tax attorney if you are involved in international business. A tax attorney can help you with:

  • Contracts
  • Tax treatment
  • Other legal matters


Tax Attorneys to Handle Lawsuits Against the IRS

If you’re under criminal investigation by the IRS, you’ll want to seek out the help of a tax attorney. The tax attorneys at Platinum Tax Defenders have years of experience in the courtroom. While non-tax attorneys can represent clients in court, in this case, it’s best to be represented by someone well-versed in tax law. If you’ve committed tax fraud, you will definitely want to hire a tax attorney. Platinum Tax Defenders employs a team of attorneys well-versed in current tax law. Whether you claimed deductions or credits to which you weren’t entitled, or worse, our top tax defenders can help.


Client-Attorney Confidentiality

Anything you say to your Los Angeles tax attorney is typically privileged. What that means is you are under no legal obligation or duty to divulge it to the court. However, that is not always the case for accountants. In some instances, an accountant may testify against you in court. However, tax attorneys do not testify against you in court.

How Do I Find A Tax Attorney?

Finding a tax attorney can take time. When you start searching for a Los Angeles tax attorney, you’ll want to find one with experience. The professionals at Platinum Tax Defenders have years of experience helping clients get out of stressful tax situations. Online searches and word-of-mouth are typically great ways to find tax attorneys. Once you have a tax relief firm in mind, check their reviews and experience online. You will want to go with a tax attorney that has direct experience in what you are trying to accomplish.


What Do I Look for in a Tax Attorney?

When searching for a tax attorney, you want to make sure they have a Juris Doctor degree. Additionally, Los Angeles tax attorneys must be admitted to the state bar. However, the requirements mentioned above are just the minimum to practice any law. Tax attorneys should also have advanced training in tax law. Some tax attorneys have a Master of Laws degree in taxation.


Additionally, some Los Angeles tax attorneys have a background in accounting. However, a tax attorney’s experience is more focused on the legal implications. Although, if you’re facing a complex accounting and legal matter, you may want to hire a tax attorney knowledgeable in both.


What Questions Should I Ask An Attorney?

There are several questions to ask when you first meet a potential tax attorney:

  • Are you admitted to the state bar?
  • What do you specialize in?
  • How much do you charge?
  • If you can’t personally help me, is there someone who can?


Ultimately, you want to hire the tax attorney best equipped to handle your specific tax law case.


Need A Tax Attorney? Call Platinum Tax Defenders

The top tax defenders at Platinum Tax Defenders employ skilled and knowledgeable tax attorneys. Our team of top Los Angeles tax attorneys is here to assist you in your case against the IRS. We understand that dealing with the IRS can be daunting. However, you don’t have to worry when working with Platinum Tax Defenders. Our Los Angeles tax attorneys will be with you every step of the way. For more information, visit www.platinumtaxdefenders. For a free consultation, call 866-866-8053.

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