When Should I Hire A Los Angeles Tax Attorney?

If you’re looking for tax debt assistance, you may be wondering when to consider hiring a Los Angeles tax attorney. Hiring a Los Angeles tax attorney can provide you with expert guidance and years of experience in dealing with complex tax debt issues. A seasoned tax attorney can determine the outcome of a tax audit or negotiation. Communicating directly with the IRS can often be overwhelming. If you aren’t working with a professional, it can be challenging to understand the processes and rules of the IRS. A Los Angeles tax attorney understands the ins and outs of the IRS and can help you navigate any negotiations. Platinum Tax Defenders works with some of the top Los Angeles tax attorneys available. Read on for more information on when to hire a tax attorney. When you’re ready to speak to a tax attorney, call Platinum Tax Defenders for a free consultation.

What To Consider When Hiring A Los Angeles Tax Attorney

There are a variety of tax situations when you should consider hiring a Los Angeles tax attorney to represent you. Read on for conditions in which it may be a good idea to hire a Los Angeles tax attorney.

Hire A Los Angeles Tax Attorney During An Audit

A tax attorney can help you negotiate with the IRS during and after an audit. Hiring legal representation to work on your behalf during an IRS audit can help with tax debt assistance. A tax attorney can help you settle the debt for less than you owe by:

–    Making an Offer in Compromise

–    Seeking a penalty abatement

–    Requesting a payment plan

Hire A Tax Attorney If You’re Negotiating With The IRS

The IRS has language and terminology they use that may be confusing for someone who doesn’t understand. Not understanding the correct terminology can make it challenging to know what to say to whom. Providing a Los Angeles tax attorney with a power of attorney allows them to speak with the IRS for you.

Call A Los Angeles Tax Attorney If You Receive Letters From The IRS

If you receive a notice from the IRS, its to inform taxpayers about many different matters. There could be an error on a tax return, or the IRS may be reminding you of your tax debt. Understanding how to proceed after receiving IRS notices can be confusing. With the help of an expert Los Angeles tax attorney, you can better navigate responding to the IRS. A competent tax attorney can help end your IRS communications and get you tax debt assistance.

Tax Attorney Help With Criminal Charges

Hopefully, you don’t find yourself in this situation, but occasionally the IRS is mandated to pursue criminal charges. If the IRS is pursuing criminal charges against you, you need to hire a Los Angeles tax attorney. The most common causes of criminal IRS investigations are:

–    Evasion of taxes

–    Tax fraud

You must take an IRS criminal investigation seriously. It’s a fact that eight out of ten defendants in an IRS criminal investigation go to prison. Hiring a tax attorney can help you avoid or reduce prison sentences and significant fines.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Los Angeles Tax Attorney?

There are many benefits to working with a tax attorney on your IRS issues. Here are a few benefits of working with a Los Angeles tax attorney:

–    You can trust a tax attorney to serve as your advocate

–    A tax attorney can speak and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf

–    Tax attorneys can often discourage the IRS from asking you questions that are unnecessary or inappropriate

–    A tax attorney can be significantly helpful when pursuing tax debt assistance

–    Tax issues and what’s necessary for resolution offer complexities that a tax attorney will understand

–    You can save a considerable amount of time in resolving any IRS matter by working with a Los Angeles tax attorney

Tax attorneys have much experience in tax law, having spent three years in law school. A tax attorney will also understand the intricacies of the case law and legal precedents.

Tax Attorneys Will Do What’s Best For Your Individual Situation

A tax attorney is familiar with the strategies that work best for solving your tax issues. Tax attorneys have advanced negotiating skills and are unlikely to be intimidated by the IRS. Lastly, with a tax attorney, you get the attorney-client privilege that ensures your discussions are confidential by law. The benefits of attorney-client privilege are:

–    Attorneys do not have to share what they know about your case in depositions, hearing, or trials

–    As the client, you can disclose all details relating to your matter. You can trust that your conversations with your Los Angeles tax attorney will remain private and confidential.

Can I Defend Myself Against The IRS?

There are some cases in which you may defend yourself against the IRS, including:

–    Your interactions with the IRS are routine

–    The IRS sends you a notice that there is a minor mistake on a tax return

–    There are deductions for which you may qualify

A tax preparer can help you settle the above tax issues. If you prefer, you can also settle the above tax issues on your own. Additionally, if you need to file an extension for your tax return, you likely don’t need a tax attorney.

Can I Represent Myself In A Tax Audit?

You can technically represent yourself in an audit. However, you should not represent yourself if you need tax debt assistance for more than $10,000. Also, if there’s a chance the IRS may accuse you of tax evasion, don’t represent yourself. To represent yourself in an audit, you will need to:

–    Understand applicable tax code

–    Determine if you can provide the IRS with the necessary documentation

–    Confirm you understand how to appeal any recommended changes to your tax return

–    Figure out if any appeal will occur via telephone, correspondence or in court

Find A Reputable Los Angeles Tax Attorney

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