Platinum Tax Defenders Helps You Settle Back Taxes

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, the Platinum Tax Defenders team can assist. Attempting to settle back taxes on your own can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. If you’re like ordinary taxpayers, you probably have no idea about the tax code. Additionally, you may be afraid that you have an unfair disadvantage against the IRS because you’re a private taxpayer. Can you take on the IRS alone? Yes, you can try and negotiate a tax resolution deal on your own. However, there are better ways to achieve a favorable tax resolution outcome. By working with Platinum Tax Defenders, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your tax relief case is in good hands.

What Does Platinum Tax Defenders Do?

Platinum Tax Defenders has years of experience dealing with the IRS on complicated tax issues. We understand that taxpayers often find themselves in situations where they can’t afford to pay back taxes. Taxpayers should know that they aren’t alone when attempting to find tax relief. Working with Platinum Tax Defenders, you get a full staff of enrolled agents, CPAs, tax attorneys, and x-IRS tax attorneys. We are here to help you with your tax relief case right away. With offices in Southern California and Florida, we help taxpayers across from coast to coast with tax resolution services. 

What Services Do Platinum Tax Defenders Provide?

Platinum Tax Defenders offers clients across the country with a variety of tax relief services. Among the services Platinum Tax Defenders provide are:

–    Help with unfiled tax returns

–    Settling back taxes

–    Ending wage garnishments 

–    Removing tax liens and tax levies

–    Halting asset seizures

–    Audit representation

–    IRS Revenue Officer help

Additionally, Platinum Tax Defenders specializes in the following tax resolution issues and other tax services:

–    Offer in Compromise

–    Installment Agreements

–    Tax preparation

–    Criminal tax defense

–    Specialized tax planning

–    Payroll taxes

–    Innocent Spouse Relief

–    Tax evasion representation

–    IRS tax attorney representation

Platinum Tax Defenders is currently offering free consultations to new clients. If you need help settling back taxes, call Platinum Tax Defenders Today.

If You Owe The IRS $10,000 Or More, Platinum Tax Defenders Can Help

Platinum Tax Defenders specializes in tax resolution services to help you settle back taxes. One of the ways the IRS allows taxpayers to pay back taxes is through an Offer in Compromise. As part of an Offer in Compromise deal, taxpayers can pay back taxes for much less than they owe. However, the IRS doesn’t approve all Offer in Compromise requests. It’s essential for taxpayers to make a realistic offer when applying for an Offer in Compromise deal. Taxpayers don’t always know the way to come up with a reasonable Offer in Compromise. However, Platinum Tax Defenders have years of experience settling Offer in Compromise deals for their clients. Recently, Platinum Tax Defenders was successful in lowering a client’s back tax debt from over $140,000 to just $100. While every case is different, our top tax defenders’ IRS experience provides them with excellent negotiating leverage. You can certainly apply for an Offer in Compromise deal on your own. However, you’ll have a better tax resolution outcome if you work with our top tax defenders.

What Makes Our Top Tax Defenders Different

Our tax defenders always keep their clients top of mind when assisting with tax relief. As a taxpayer, you have rights. Our tax specialists know those rights and will ensure you receive them. The Platinum team can take complicated tax matters and help you resolve them. We can also assist people who haven’t filed taxes in years. When you don’t file your taxes, the IRS can unleash a load of negative consequences on you. If you ignore the IRS’ demands, you run the risk of the organization charging you with tax evasion or fraud.

Additionally, you may end up having to pay expensive fines or face jail time. Our top tax defenders can examine your case to determine for which years you need to file taxes. Then, we can help you get your tax returns filled out and submitted. Don’t struggle with your tax issues on your own. Call Platinum today.

What Should I Do If The IRS Is Contacting Me About Tax Debt?

If the IRS has begun contacting you regarding tax debt, do not ignore them. The biggest mistake you can make is ignoring the IRS when they’re contacting you about back taxes. We understand it can be intimidating to communicate with the IRS. Working our tax relief specialists, we’ll talk to the IRS for you. Instead of ignoring the IRS’ letters, we can help you settle back taxes soon and for good. Stop worrying about what’s going to happen to you and your family because of back tax debt. Our top tax defenders can help you find the best tax resolution option. We’ll represent you against the IRS to ensure you quickly resolve your back-tax issue, and for as little money as possible.

Don’t Settle Back Taxes Alone

When you want to settle back taxes, but you can’t afford to, don’t contact the IRS on your own. You can try and Google information about complicated tax law, but it will be overwhelming. Get help resolving your back taxes by contacting the Platinum team. We provide clients with a variety of tax resolution services. Avoid having to pay the IRS more than you owe in back taxes. We can also help you avoid paying penalties and fines, and possibly even jail time. 

Call Our Tax Resolution Specialists Today for a Free Quote

If the IRS is contacting you about your taxes, don’t speak to them alone. One of our top tax defenders can help defend you against the IRS. Settling back taxes can be stressful. However, working with a top tax resolution specialist can make the process easier, and get you a better deal. Call our top tax defenders team today for a free consultation.

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