Your Ultimate Guide in Hiring the Best Tax Attorney

It is very stressful to handle problems with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS.) Knowing that you have unsettled payments or tax debts can really make you down. You don’t have any choice, but you need to face it at any cost. First, you need to be aware of the problem and how it happened, then you have to do something to fix it. Having tax-related issues can lead you to a more serious one if you just let it and do nothing. You might also face a bigger consequence, so it’s better to fix it right away.Unfortunately, you cannot just solve tax-related problems by yourself. You need to ask help from a tax attorney or tax relief experts in resolving your issues.

You need to choose the best and competent one to stand by you during the processes that you might face along the way. And as you choose the best tax expert for you, you are also choosing the best resolution services that you need.

It is very hassle and frustrating when it comes to dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. So if you want to avoid these kinds of situations, you probably needed the help of the best tax attorney. They aim to settle all your worries and problems because of the back taxes that you have. Lowering the amount of payment as well as your stress is their ultimate goal. They are the ones who will directly speak on behalf of you with the IRS and other income tax agencies that you need to communicate with.


The Best Qualities of a Competent Tax Attorney

 If you are looking for an efficient tax attorney to take care of your tax problems, you have to look for those who have been in the industry for several years. You have to consider various factors that can help you to win the battle with taxes. Here are the best qualities that a competent tax attorney must have:

  •  Work Experience

You must consider the working experience of a tax attorney. With that, you can know his capabilities in handling various tax cases. He must be good at defending his clients from the accusations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Also, you have to be familiar with the laws concerning the tax problems of the client. A good tax attorney must also portray excellent speaking and communication every time.


  • Length of Time in Service


The length of time in the service of your chosen tax attorney is also important. Determining his length of time can also be the amount of experiences he had. You should choose a licensed tax attorney who is serving for more than five years. The amount of time a tax attorney has been in service directly tells you how experienced he is when it comes to assisting clients. And also how experienced he is in helping them to resolve their tax issues. Of course, you have all the right to ask directly from the tax attorney how long he is on the field. But still, you have always to remember that it is important the quality over the quantity. 

  •  Business Rating

In finding a good tax attorney, you need to identify first the business ratings of the company where he belongs. A company with an excellent business rating can be your best choice. They must portray a good company image as well as the services that they are providing his clients. They must possess integrity, values, and professionalism in every service that they offer. A good tax attorney must be popular for his outstanding accomplishments in resolving tax-related cases.

  •  High-Qualifications

As a client asking for good help, you definitely have high-quality tax resolution services. You have to let yourself satisfied with the works and services that they would provide. Tax firms with well-rounded tax attorneys must always be on your checklist so your money will not go to waste. They should also be a part of globally-recognized professional organizations in the field of taxation. With that, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

  •  Valid References

As a client, you have the right to ask a tax attorney for references before you retain its services. It should offer you the names and contact details of people who have used his services in the past. If it refuses to give you references, you should take this as a warning sign that the company may not operate with the highest level of scruples. Once you have the list of references, you should make contact with those individuals and ask them about:

  • Clear Pricing 

A good tax attorney must be clear with its pricing. You have to avoid those kinds of services that are charging so many fees during the tax resolution process. There is some company who only hides fees then they will let you pay it later without any prior notice. Right before you end your services discussion with the tax attorney, you must ask how much fees they are charging per hour or session. You also have to include the miscellaneous fees, document preparation, and payment for the company itself. Also, you have to be observant of how they answer your questions, so you will know if they are up to something. 

Tax Resolution Agreement that you should know 

Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offered a new way of tax resolution agreement to taxpayers. It is where you can do a long-term payment plan by signing up in order to reduce the amount of your tax liabilities. It would help you to lessen the burden of paying a big amount of back taxes monthly. It’s a good thing to know that you can finally pay your back taxes in a monthly installment plan to IRS. You can also choose from the options wherein you don’t have to pay any amount of money on the first one, and the other one has a fee. 

 Whatever choice you have made, you also have to select the intended amount of monthly payment that you want. But, you have to pay your back taxes within the given due date. 


A long-term installment plan

  • would let you pay your back taxes within the span of six years. Along with it, you also need to pay a fee depending on your chosen payment agreement. check, money order, direct debit, or other online payment methods


A short-term installment plan

  • would let you pay your back taxes within the span of 120 days, which is shorter than the one. But the good thing about it is you don’t need to pay any amount of fees to avail of this plan. You just have to make sure that you can fully pay your tax liabilities within the given timeframe. If not, you would have to avail of the long term plan with its intended fees. Additional interest and penalties will continue to outgrow if you are unable to pay your balances. Worse comes to worst, you will be subject to bigger tax problems. 

 There is nothing wrong with being sure to whom you can trust your tax problems. It is a serious thing to deal with some issues related to your taxes as well as your money. So you really have to look for someone who can be your best companion that will help you with all your tax liabilities. Good thing that Platinum Tax Defenders is always here to help you. You can now relax from stress brought by back taxes that you have with the IRS. The consultation is free, so come and visit us at And experience the best tax services that you deserve!

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