Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Tax Attorney

The majority of U.S. taxpayers will face severe tax debt issues at some point in their lives. Moreover, when it comes to tax issues, there are a variety of problems you might encounter. You might find yourself in hot water with the IRS if any one of the following is happening:

  • You’re in danger of an audit
  • The IRS is garnishing your wages
  • A tax lien has been taken out on your home, business, or vehicle
  • You’re getting threatening calls and letters from the IRS and ignoring them

If any of the above is happening to you, you likely don’t know what to do. That’s because you aren’t a tax professional. Coping with complicated tax issues can be very difficult for the ordinary taxpayer. Therefore, when dealing with the IRS, it’s vital to have a tax attorney on your side.

How Do You Choose A Tax Attorney?

There are thousands of tax attorneys at tax firms across the nation. How do you pick the best tax attorney with whom to work? Here’s what to do when deciding which tax attorney to choose.

  • First, make a shortlist of your top tax attorney choices.
  • Second, prepare a list of questions that you’ll want to ask the tax attorney when making your decision.

Do you know what kinds of questions you should ask a tax attorney before working with one? Read on for a list of items to request from a tax attorney before deciding to work with one.

Interviewing A Tax Attorney: Questions To Ask

If you’re interviewing a tax firm, the first question you should ask is how long they have been in business. In other words, you are inquiring about their experience. The longer the tax resolution firm has been in the industry, the better experience they will have. If the tax resolution firm has been around for years, they must have experience handling an assortment of tax issues. A tax resolution firm that’s been around for a while will possess knowledge about the ins and outs of the IRS.

The success rate is another thing that you should ask while interviewing a tax firm. Tax firms will typically give you a generic number when you ask about their success rate. The generic figure is usually an average of the cases they have handled. However, it would help if you asked about their success rate in handling tax cases similar to yours.

When Hiring A Tax Relief Firm, Size Matters

You will also want to ask your potential tax resolution firm about their staff size. You should know how many people they have on their staff. Some firms work only with CPAs. A few firms work with tax attorneys, and you will also come across firms that are operated by former IRS agents. The team at Platinum Tax Defenders features CPAs, enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and x-IRS tax attorneys.

Working with a tax attorney has its benefits. A tax attorney who has many experiences resolving tax issues will know all the tricks in the book. Therefore, you should look for a firm that closely works with tax attorneys and x-IRS tax attorneys. A reputable tax firm will analyze all of your documents before providing you with options to resolve your tax issue. Be wary of tax firms who don’t ask to see your records and instead ask for money upfront.

Questions To Ask Your Tax Attorney

Here are a few more questions to ask your tax attorney before you get started.

Is he or she admitted to the state bar?

All attorneys must have their Juris Doctor degree from an accredited law school. Attorneys must also pass the bar exam to practice law.

Does He Or She Have Special Training?

Many attorneys have additional training and specializations in tax law, including a Masters of Laws degree. Other attorneys are also certified public accountants.

How Much Do You Charge?

Make sure you understand how payment works before signing on to work with your tax relief firm. Platinum Tax Defenders offers free consultations to new clients seeking tax attorney representation.

Can You Help Me?

Be ready to discuss your case in detail to make sure the attorney has experience in your specific area of need.

Why Should I Hire A Tax Attorney?

If you’re in trouble with the IRS, a tax attorney can really help. Tax attorneys can be helpful when dealing with the IRS because of attorney-client privilege. Why is attorney-client privilege important? Your tax attorney is exempt from testifying against you in court. If you were working with a CPA and your tax issue when to court, your CPA could testify against you. You have protection from having your representation testify against you if you work with a tax attorney. Also, only a tax attorney has experience in achieving tax settlements. Tax law and codes can be extremely complex, and they change all the time. Also, there are many programs available for troubled taxpayers to settle or reduce their tax debt. Working with a tax attorney will ensure you’re being represented by a professional familiar with these tax resolution options.

How Can A Tax Attorney Help?

There are several ways taxpayers can get into hot water with the IRS. Most tax disputes result from an audit of one or several past tax returns. If the IRS contacts you to tell you that you’re in danger of an examination, you should hire a tax attorney immediately. Your tax attorney can speak with the IRS for you, be present during your audit, and help discuss a settlement. Sometimes, taxpayers ignore letters or calls they get from the IRS. If you ignore the IRS’ attempts to contact you, you risk further action against you. For example, the IRS can threaten you with criminal charges for tax evasion. If you find yourself under criminal investigation, you’ll want to hire a tax attorney as soon as possible. Platinum Tax Defenders employs tax attorneys and x-IRS tax attorneys who have settled cases for thousands of clients.

Find A Tax Attorney

Whether you’re in trouble with the IRS or face a complicated tax situation, seek out the counsel of a tax attorney. Platinum Tax Defenders have years of experience getting and keeping their clients out of trouble as a result of taxes. The expert tax relief team includes tax attorneys and x-IRS attorneys who are familiar with tax law and the IRS. Before the IRS knocks on your door, make sure your record is clean. Tax attorneys can help you get out of and remain out of tax trouble.

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