4 Tips to Earn Some Cash For Your Vacation

Do you have a list of all the places you want to visit but can’t because you don’t have money to splurge? In the current economy, making money to make ends meet is a difficult task in itself. Planning a vacation can be considered as a luxury event. But sometimes, you just have to escape from your daily life. If you are going through the same phase in your life and want to go on vacation, we at Platinum Tax Defenders. Offshore accounting

have some tips for you to earn that extra cash. 

  1. Side jobs

What better way to earn some extra cash than to pick up a side job. One of the most popular methods is using your car. Uber and Lyft are some of the ridesharing companies that have an easy signup process. If your car is in good condition, you can earn money easily by becoming a driver. Some companies also offer you to put up your car for rent. This is especially beneficial for people who don’t have time to drive.

 There are several other side jobs that you can try. For example, working the night shift at a call center, testing websites, taking surveys, etc. For testing websites, you don’t need any skills; just knowing the way around a website is sufficient. You would need headphones and a webcam to speak out your views. If you want to try taking surveys, you need to be careful. Not all of them pay well or are even legitimate. 

Another possible side job is a consultancy business. It is an easy and affordable side business. You already have the required skills and experience. Why not put it to good use? The best part about a consultancy business is that you can make your own schedule. 

         2.Working from home

There are thousands of work from home jobs available online. You can try content writing, website designing, etc. All you have to do is sign up on a portal that offers freelance jobs. The payment that you get from work from home jobs depends on your experience. 

One of the most popular options is content writing. For this, you can try writing for your own blog or for others. If you are writing for your own blog, it will take time to make it profitable. Nevertheless, it is a very handy way of making more money. 

Another popular work from home job is becoming an online tutor. There are several websites that hire people to help students with their studies. You can use the website for tutoring in different classes and subjects. If you have an educational background, this is the perfect side hustle for you. 

If you don’t like teaching, we have another great option for you – becoming a virtual assistant. Now that the internet allows you to do almost all of your tasks online, virtual assistants are getting in demand. Your job will include editing content, social media management, email management, scheduling appointments, booking flights, and more. 


Thanks to e-commerce websites, selling online has become really easy. You can sell books, old clothes, electronics, etc. There are several websites like Amazon, Etsy, etc. that let you sell your stuff online. Not only it helps you earn some extra cash, but also to get rid of all the clutter you have been hoarding. 

Through the power of the e-commerce giants, it is so easy to set up your shop. You don’t even have to build your own website. There is even a built-in search feature that helps buyers find your product. Amazon even fulfills your orders. There are about 2 million sellers on Amazon that make up for 40 percent of all their sales. Another advantage of using Amazon as a seller is that people trust them. They are more aligned to buy a product from a trusted website than some independent business. 

The selling works a bit differently on eBay. You can set a single price but the best part of the platform is their auction system that allows prospective buyers to start bidding wars that can increase the price of the product you are selling. 

If you are into one-of-a-king, handcrafted items, Etsy is the one where you should sell. With about 1.5 million sellers across the globe, the website has opened up doors for artists wanting to earn cash by setting their arts.


         4.Saving money through offshore accounting

The most common way to earn cash for vacation by saving it. Through offshoring, you can save a lot of money on labor costs. They also help in simplifying your accounting and finance services, giving you an opportunity to focus on core competencies. For example, an accountant will cost you much less in India and other Asian countries. 

Through offshore accounts, you can get expat tax advantages. However, this depends on your personal circumstances like the country of residence. The benefits of expat tax include protecting your money from the tax jurisdiction of the country you are currently residing in. In some cases, it also is useful in estate planning. Offshore banking locations have little to no tax. 

Another advantage of offshore accounts is higher interest rates. There are several banks abroad that pay higher interests than the ones at your home. Also, you can defer the income tax payment, which will allow you to pay tax in your country and the location of the bank. You can thank double taxation agreements for this. 

If you think that outsourcing the accounting function all at once is a risky move, you don’t have to worry. Most offshore accounting services offer flexibility. There are different departments in accounting like payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, maintaining financial records, and financial reporting. You can offshore a department at a time. You can offshore the departments that are just costly to operate in your country.

Offshore accounting is a complicated process.

So, it is best to consult professionals. Platinum Tax Defenders provide premium tax relief services. We have tax relief experts that will guide you through your back tax issues. Also, we have tax attorneys that can handle any issue regarding offshore bank accounts, property liens, bank account levies, wage garnishment, etc. Contact Platinum Tax Defenders to get solutions for tax relief issues.

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