When Would You Qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief?

Are you a married taxpayer? If your answer is yes, how are you going to pay your taxes? Are you filing separately or jointly? If you have planned to pay taxes joint under the status of married filing jointly,

it could be possible that IRS might send you a letter accusing you and your spouse for tax fraud. Don’t get panic in this situation rather this is an instance that can earn you innocent spouse tax relief. If you qualify for the tax relief you get a chance to avoid paying IRS back taxes, penalties, and interest. Moreover, you can easily get rid of eradicating criminal tax fraud and tax evasion charges.

However, it is not an easy task to qualify for innocent spouse tax relief. One more clause has been added to the relief program according to which the two years deadline that taxpayers used to get in the past is no more available.

The deadline allows you to claim the relief within two years but now you need to claim it as early as you can. If you have got into the trap because of tax cheating spouse or ex-spouse, you can save yourself from deadly steps taken by the IRS to collect their money.

Steps to take to protect your family assets:

First of all, you should protect you as well as your family assets. If you are filing taxes jointly, you are liable for any tax due or tax evasion. Most of the married couples file taxes under this status as they get great benefits that save a lot of money. The negative aspect is that if there are any dues you would be held responsible for that. If you qualify for innocent spouse tax relief, the possibility is there that you don’t need to pay the taxes or related penalties or interest. In case, you are not sure about the innocent spouse relief thing, you should consider getting a suggestion or advice from a tax expert.

He/she will make you aware of the things that would help you in meeting the guidelines instructed by the IRS. If you can prove that you have no idea about the financial activities of your spouse, you can qualify for the tax relief.

There could be several things that lead to a lack of knowledge about the manipulations of your spouse in financial activities. Some of them are you and your spouse has different businesses and spouse was running the business independently; you didn’t share any bank account with your spouse and did not have any access to his/her account activity. To claim the relief, look out for an expert tax attorney. Also should have filed a joint return which has an understatement of tax. You should also represent a valid proof to show that when you signed the joint venture, you didn’t know that there was an understatement of taxes.

  • Hire a trusted tax attorney if you are stuck with your spouse’s tax fraud.
  • Get a consultation from a reputable tax relief services.
  • Present proof of your innocence.

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