Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

Most married taxpayers generally club their returns with that of their spouse to save tax. There are times when one spouse might try to acquire the benefit of the Income Tax. Act to seek avoidance from paying taxes that are going well beyond the provisions of the Internal Revenue System. As per the 1998 tax law a new term. Innocent Spouse Relief came into being to enable the spouses to find tax relief. In most situations, the spouse is mitigate of the accountability and liability for paying income tax and tax penalties that are arising due to the consideration of the clubbed tax return.

There are cases in which taxpayers can look at this innocent spouse tax relief as a major means that could provide them with the protection from the other spouses who have filed any falsified returns.

Why Choose Legal Tax Expert?

It is always advisable that taxpayers need to acquire the assistance of a legal tax expert as he/she would be the right person to ensure that tax enforcement or the disclosure to the prosecution is completely negligible. The very first step that most tax specialists follow is to audit taxes and income tax returns of the claimant. Once the tax consultants are done with the auditing process, they usually prepare a list of recommendations concerning the innocent spouse tax relief and after this, it is entirely the responsibility of the taxpayer to opt out for the option that appears feasible.

Eligibility of Innocent Spouse Tax relief

It is the responsibility of tax expert to verify if the taxpayer is eligible for Innocent Spouse Tax relief. The very first consideration that makes one eligible is that one has filed a joint return and that has been reported as an underestimation of the income tax. Another precondition to qualify for an innocent spouse tax relief is that at the time of signing the joint tax return, the taxpayer was not aware that it was an understatement due to an erroneous item.

There are several other conditions on the basis of which one qualifies that include the circumstances such as the couple has taken a divorce, one of the partners has abandoned another or one has acquired a significant gain from the underestimation of tax. If these conditions are meet carefully, then a taxpayer can come out and qualifies for this innocent spouse tax relief. If one does not meet these particular conditions, one needs to check for any other mechanism that works in a similar manner as the innocent spouse tax relief does. An important benefit of this tax relief is that it can be of great help in saving a fair amount of money if one is found to be eligible.

Many times, one might find it difficult to take the after steps once one has qualified, at this time the only step required to be taken is to ask a tax consultant to provide one with the complete directions that would help one get nearer to the prospects of tax relief.

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